A Luxury Grey and White Kitchen Countertop Option

Choosing the tone of your Kitchen Countertop is the first step in starting the kitchen remodel. We present you a luxury grey and white Kitchen Countertop option. If you like the look of Italian marble, luxury and sophistication with a touch of gray, we have the perfect stone for your Kitchen Countertop: Calacatta Montage Quartz. […]

Timeless Kitchen Countertops Design Choices

A timeless layout is planned to be as near present-day as possible is going and to give your Kitchen Countertops Design longevity. We of Prime Countertops have professional kitchen designers and with your experience can help you with this. However, the most important part of layout, whatever the size of the space, is the kitchen […]

Everything You Need to Know about White Quartz Countertops

We’re here to tell something important: If you are renovating your kitchen, one of the most important things are White Quartz Countertops. Selecting Countertops can be difficult, because there are so many options of materials, colors and prices. You want to be sure that investment so you want to make sure in addition, you get […]

White Quartz Kitchen Countertops Ideas

Prime Countertops presents you an incredible soft tone: Blanca Statuarietto Quartz! We’re to tell you about some ideas for your Kitchen Countertops, especially White Quartz Kitchen Countertops Ideas. Considering White Quartz Countertops for your kitchen remodel but not sure which to choose? You’re in the right place! Let us take you through the fresh and […]

Why choose Botanica Calacatta Quartz for your Kitchen

Now we’re going to tell you why choose Botanica Calacatta Quartz for your kitchen! White tones are a strong trend in Americans’ favorite Kitchen Countertops. Why choose Botanica Calacatta Calacatta Botanica appearance consists a soft white background and light gray veining. If you like some elegance and simplicity, this stone offer an advantage: that suits […]

7 Things About Quartz Countertops

We’re to tell you about 7 things about Quartz Countertops that you really need to know! Quartz Countertops are an engineered stone, made from particles of stone bound together with plastic resins. Quartz countertops are more unusual than you imagine, though, as you’ll check in this post! Just read! 7 things about Quartz Countertops that […]

We present you Marquina Midnight

Do you imagine a stone with Black Marble Quartz appearance and white veining? The name of this stone is Marquina Midnigth! Marquina Midnight is it name, we here to present you this dramatic and sophisticated peace to transform your kitchen Countertop in an incredible space. Check it out now why Black Quartz is a fantastic […]

5 Advantages of Quartzite Countertops

Did you know that Quartzite is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust? Check now 5 advantages of Quartzite Countertops. Natural Quartzizte stone is one of nature’s hardest minerals is stain resistant and does not requiring sealing, re-polishing or reconditioning. Check now 5 Advantages of Quartzite Countertops Quartzite is low porosity, this material […]

How do you update Countertops?

Kitchen remodels became a top priority, so can you ask yourself: How do you update Countertops? In most residences it has needed to adapt the intern spaces to spend too much time at home. So, do you want update your kitchen? In a kitchen’s decor, the Countertop is principal peace. We’re to tell you that […]

Quartz Always a Trend

Quartz is always a trend because it is a natural stone offers natural beauty with incredible durability. Check now some advantages of owning a countertop composed of this stone! Why Quartz is Always a Trend? Abundance Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust. It comes in many different varieties. Quartz can […]