A Luxury Grey and White Kitchen Countertop Option

Choosing the tone of your Kitchen Countertop is the first step in starting the kitchen remodel. We present you a luxury grey and white Kitchen Countertop option.

If you like the look of Italian marble, luxury and sophistication with a touch of gray, we have the perfect stone for your Kitchen Countertop: Calacatta Montage Quartz. Check it out!

A Luxury Grey and White Kitchen Countertop Option

Why choose Calacatta Montage Quartz?

For homeowners who like to mix up colors, Calacatta Montage Quartz is a soft white background with delicate dove gray veining throughout the stone.

This is a perfect white quartz countertops choice and the look creates Waterfall Islands or Backsplashes with a unique style.

If you looking for a high performance and easy-care Quartz? You don’t regret to choose Calacatta Montage Quartz!

Some Contemporary or Ultra-modern Style Suggestions for White and Grey Kitchens

Grey and white pair together to complete any look, blend for a look of sophistication.

You can use light grey cabinets with to create a seamless look and the natural lighting will keep the look light and airy.

Another suggestion to complete the space is a circle pendant lighting to add a nice touch.

This stone can compose a crisp white kitchen sits atop grey floors and use stainless steel for appliances.

When choosing gray as the predominant color in the contemporary kitchen, you give the space an inviting good vibe.

Add in white and grey countertops or backsplash like Calacatta Montage Quartz to create visual interest and contrast.


Gray and White kitchens are set to top trends for a while, easily adapting to different diverse styles.

Are you looking for some gorgeous inspiration for grey and white kitchen ideas?

We invite you to contact Prime Countertops now and make true your design dreams take you, this Quartz will pleased you.

White and Grey Quartz Countertops take kitchens to a new level, add sophistication and make your home a dream come true.

Contact us and be surprised with our staff!

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