Marble Surface is Trendy

There are some things you may not know about marble surface that will help you decide about your dream kitchen.

Attractive stone into your spaces can add sophistication and reflect your exquisite personal style.

There are cheaper options Quartz, Granite, and Stainless Steel when it comes to surfaces such as countertops.

It is time to follow our tips and find the stone that you like the most.

Marble Surface

Best Marble Surface Countertops for Kitchen

We’re here to tell you about first marble surface texture, to then talk about other important aspects.

Pure marble surface is white, but marble exists in a wide variety of colors all the way through to black.

In comparison to other natural stones like Granite and Quartzite, Marble is a relatively soft stone.

Colors can also vary in natural and modified forms.

Deciding which one to go with comes down to budget and personal preference, but each has its place in different parts of the space.

Things You Need to Know About Marble Surfaces

Marble may be a cheaper option when it comes to selecting countertops, but the advantages do not come without some drawbacks.

You need to know that Marble is generally much softer than Granite or Quartz, making it much more susceptible to stains and scratches.

However, if its aesthetic has won you over, then applying a sealant every six to twelve months will help protect it.

You can also help keep your surfaces spotless by immediately wiping up any scraps before they to leave a stain.

There are two types of finishes you can apply to your Marble surface, it called ‘honed’ or ‘polished’.

The former is by sanding the surface to produce a worn down, matte finish that is more susceptible to staining, but leaves scratches finger less visible.

The polished coating makes the stone appear brighter and leaves it less stains but will still show scratches and etches on the surface.

Marble it’s not heat resistant, it etches easily, and it can chip if you accidentally .


You can be rest assured that Marble features will never look dated.

Like fingerprints, no two slabs of Marble are alike, this is possible because its veining, formed by mineral deposits, makes it unique.

It’s like having the strength of nature to make your personality more striking in your home.

The multiple uses for Marble according to Countertops are also great but you can go for Granite there if you want to use marble elsewhere.

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