Waterfall Islands

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What is a waterfall island?

A waterfall is when the counter material continues down the sides of the cabinets on both edges, but it can be on just one.

It is like a cascading effect with the countertop material, is a visual illusion.

The countertops on traditional kitchen islands extend beyond the cabinets so people can sit at the island.

These countertops provide a unique edging look that, flows right over the sides of the edges, making it look more like a vertical plane of stone.

Some edges are only the thickness of the slab with light wood stools, other counters can be thicker, you can choice the best for you.

Are Waterfall Islands Trendy?  

Waterfall countertops are a modern style and specially and we believe that they will not go out of style anytime soonif it is based on clean design.

Always be picky about the countertop material you are choosing.

In fact, any slab material can make a waterfall edge, but Quartz is the most popular material in our opinion.

Quartz differs in from other options such as granite.

While quartz countertops are made from more than 90% natural stone, they are not porous or susceptible to damages like fissures the way that granite is.

This type of countertop reveals the sophisticated personality and style of its owners and completely transforms your space.

A waterfall countertop is also easier to clean than a traditional one, because the nonporous surface that is easy to keep clean.

They are heat resistant and extremely durable.

However, in our house, we usually want a mix of modern design, combined with some rustic elements and a waterfall countertop is a great way to bring the modernity to the kitchen.

Waterfall Islands have become focal points and the hub of the kitchen!

Here is a beautiful example of a waterfall countertop on a kitchen island.

Waterfall Islands


If you love the idea have of a waterfall island, lets us help you to choose options for a new build and to understand your taste on having a beautiful waterfall island.

While their improvements that can be undertaken in the kitchen.

We believe, definitely, that a waterfall island can create much more value for your family than simply adding a pleasant space.

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