Contrasting Colors to Complement the Cabinets and Countertops

Choosing the right colors makes all the difference! Colors can give personality to the space and reflect your personal style.

The kitchen remodeling can be done in several ways, with a big or small budget.

After choosing the right stone according to your style, you need to think about the colors.

Thinking about the colors

The right combination of colors and textures can make the space more pleasant and stylish.


With the amount of time, you spend in your kitchen, it needs to be a space you love.

Cabinetry and countertops are major components of the color scheme in your kitchen.

Build your kitchen around your countertops, and you should have an easier time getting know what makes sense in your space.

You can start by choosing two dominant colors, which are complementing, that is the secret.

The dominant colors should be simple, while the third should look great with the complementing colors.

If you have chosen granite countertops, for example, your accent color should be one of the colors in the granite.

Thinking this way, it was much easier to find the right colors for your kitchen, do you agree?

Make sure you try the different colors together in your home before you remodeling to a whole kitchen.

You need to be certain you really like the color combination and that all three shades work together in the lighting of your space.

Another especially important thing, if you want your kitchen décor to last, choose classic colors that will age well.

Have you ever thought that you can save whenever you want to remodel your space?

If your kitchen counters, and cabinets are in classic colors, they will be able to handle fashionable updates easily.

Keeping your color scheme simply gives you the flexibility to change your kitchen theme anytime.

How to Coordinate Granite Countertops & Kitchen Cabinets

I am sure you wonder how do make sure your granite countertops match your kitchen cabinets.

To do the right thing, the counters and cabinetry need to be in harmony for your home upgrade to offer a great return on investment.

Modern spaces lean toward brighter whites and contrasts such as black and white, while traditional styles have warmer, more neutral colors, think about it!

If your kitchen remodeling includes natural wood cabinets, you can choose a type of granite that contains wood color tones.

Another situation you have already installed new kitchen cabinets, or you want to keep your current cabinetry.

In this case, it is a good idea to remove a part and bring it along to the Granite Countertop showroom to each sample slab and find the best match.

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