Marble in neutral and soft tones is a usual practice for interior design when we are seeking to create elegant and sophisticated spaces.

Especially if you like the look of natural stone.

Did you already thought in use in your kitchen with a palette of soft and neutral, tones and very warm?

Follow these tips and make the best choice to have the kitchen of your dreams!

Soft and Neutral Tones

Soft and Neutral Tones Combinations

The chromatic palette with various kinds of colors marble in soft and neutral tones can range from:

  • White;
  • Cream;
  • Beige;
  • Yellows;
  • Sand;
  • Ochre;
  • Orange;
  • Pink.

As you have noticed, this variety of soft and neutral and tones options allows for several interesting combinations.

Pick your favorite color and introduce it in your kitchen!

Why to choose this colors?

We´re here to tell you they provide a neutral tone with advantage that is possible combines very well with a variety of tones more intensity.

You can mix neutral colors of the marble with intense colors of other objects of the décor.

This is a way to personalize your space by mixing softness and sophistication, combining objects that reflect your style with intense colors.

For those who like a little more unusual decor this is a perfect option.

The light-colored marble can be harmonizing with other decorative elements such as furniture and home appliances.

This colors of marble allow us to perceive its nuances and softness, understanding the reason why it is such an appreciated marble in décor.

These tones are perfect for minimalist environments with a design based on straight and a classic combination of beige marble with dark wood.


You do not look like your neighbor or the rest of your friends, cause you want to be just you!

We invite you to step outside the box and have some fun in your kitchen as in your life.

We really hope you liked our tips and can choose the best tones for your space.

Your dream set in stone! Think about it!

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