7 Things Nobody Tells You About Marble Kitchen Countertops

We’re here to tell you what nobody e tell you about Marble, so here are 7 things nobody tells you about Marble Kitchen Countertops. Check it out!

7 Things Nobody Tells You About Marble Kitchen Countertops

1.    Do you know where Marble comes from?

Marble is a natural stone found in the mountains of North America, South America, Asia, and Europe.

This stone forms over millions of years under heat and pressure, limestone changes into something harder in a process called recrystallization, it is found in the oldest layers of earth’s crust.

2.    Do you know the origin of the word Marble?

Marble gets its name from the word “marmaros” that means shining stone and “marmalerein” that means to shine.

3.    Do you know the most common kind of Marble?

When you admiring a slab of a Marble Countertop, is probably that it might be Carrara.

This is the most common type of Marble and usually has a light gray veining.

4.    Impurities are a differential of Marble

Marble is available in white and gray tones, but the slabs can be found too in hues of white, black, gray, yellow, green, gold and pink.

If you have an eccentric taste and like rich colors with veining, you need to know that this are the result of impurities present in the recrystallization process.

5.    How to clean Marble?

Unfortunately, Marble is not low maintenance, it’s not heat resistant, and it can chip if you whack with something hard like a stockpot.

When you clean Marble, the rule is never use anything you wouldn’t use on your hands.

If you have Marble Countertops in your kitchen, use cutting boards and take care when preparing acidic foods like lemons, for example.

You need to remember that acidic foods can react with the Marble and leave it etched.

6.    What does Marble have to do with your toothpaste?

This is an interesting curiosity: Marble is a source of calcium carbonate in powder form, used to fabricate toothpastes.

It happens because it serves as a gentle abrasive.

7.    Price

Marble can be pricey but no doubt, add a luxe effect. If you can add great value to your kitchen, Marble is an excellent option for who likes sophistication.

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