7 White Popular Granite Colors

Looking to add a classic yet trendy elegance to your White Kitchen Countertop? Learn more about White Popular Granite Colors !

Let us choose a stone offers flexibility, longevity, heat resistance and a quality that homeowner’s desire.

Keep reading to learn more about it and check our tips about 7 White Popular Granite Colors !

Learn more about White Popular Granite Colors

As you know, a perfect kitchen is always decorated with a White Granite Countertop.

Granite Pitaya White

1.    Salinas White

The white granite Salinas is from Brazil, and count variety of grays, soft and low-contrast.

This stone offers versatility and large variety, combined with dark floors and cabinets. In this case, the white give this granite all the shine it deserves.

2.    Alps White

Alps White gives appearance of white truly diamonds, with black accents white give it an incredible surface.

The Brazilian-imported Granite, Alps White makes for a beautiful addition to modern kitchen. This Granite is ideal on their white surface.

3.    White Ornamental

If you are desire a uniform granite with shades of soft whites, creams and grays, White Ornamental is ideal for your kitchen.

White Ornamental is Brazilian-imported too and provide elegance to your kitchen. It combines it contrasting cabinets, such as bold black or dark blue.

4.    Alaska White

Alaska White Granite is a durable Brazilian Granite that keep all the beauty of sophisticated white stone.

This stone combine with grays and onyx is a perfect style comes as soon as you see this magnificent stone. Its brown veins, combines with wooden cabinet.

5.    Moon White

Incredible colors silver and deep black colors land over this fine white stone.

Moon White is the brighter White Granite colors, and memorize surface of the moon itself and combines with white appliances or white fridge.

6.    Colonial White

Colonial White Granite is a combination of misty gray and black has become a common option for homeowners and interior designers because of its flexibility.

Colonial White can be combined with any color palette, because the most combinations include that involve metallic, stainless steel accents. This White Granite also offers a stunning contrast to dark neutrals as well.

7.    White Ice

Homeowners is passionate with this White Granite from Brazil.

This granite offers a beautiful contrast accented by beautiful dark veining, blue shades, and gray hues. This design is perfect for any contemporary kitchen.


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