5 Quartzite Colors for Countertops

In this post, we will talk about 5 Quartzite Colors for Kitchen Countertops that are trending in the US.

We know you like to keep up with kitchen countertop trends, so let’s talk about an important point: colors!

Quartzite Countertops are becoming popular among homeowners. That’s a good choice for new builds and remodels, their wide variety of colors is what makes them an easy choice.

Homeowners have favored soft tones, so we can say this is a strong trend!

5 Quartzite Colors for Countertops

1.    Allure

Allure is one of the most popular quartzite colors on the market. It match with any cabinet color and makes kitchens appear more bright. Allure is an excellent choice!

2.    Fantasy Macaubas

Many homeowners want the look of Marble with a heat resistant stone. Therefore, they choose Fantasy Macaubas. This Quartzite color is white with dark gray marbling.

3.    White Macaubas

White kitchens are a staple of bright modern homes. The white natural stone elevates luxury to what could be an otherwise simple look.

If you’re seeking a sophisticated option that adds a level of luminosity, you’ll love White Macaubas Quartzite.

It’s an eye-catching stone with gray striations that enhance depth and visual interest.

4.    Taj Mahal

Compared to Calacatta Marble, this creamy Quartzite with soft, subtle veining is warmer.

Excellent choice for any homeowner looking to create welcoming interiors.

With a white background brushed with feathery gold, beige, and gray veining, this versatile stone match with various palette colors.

5.    Dolce Vita

If you wants add sophistication in your kitchen space, Dolce Vita Quartzite is a great choice. With a background ranging from yellow to orange and veining in white, cream, gray, beige, and peachy tones, this stone is similar to Taj Mahal, but with a strong color.

Quartzite has been used for kitchen countertops for many years, but now is popular!

Slabs tend to have many natural veins and eye-catching colors.  Quartzite slabs can be found in a wide range of colors and are available in a polished finish or honed finishes.


Quartzite is always a good choice for your kitchen! Actually, it is an excellent natural stone for Kitchen Countertops!

Once you’ve picked a Quartzite color for your Kitchen Countertop, the next step is to pick an edge! 

We offer a great selection of stones to go along with the style you’re seeking.  Ask us which we recommend!

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