Countertops are the best way to update your kitchen

While many people are working from home, Countertops are the best way to update your kitchen.

However, your home renovation project should not only consider countertops as a focal point, but kitchen renovation as well.

People are making meals at home, and for this reason, the kitchen has become an even more important space in your home.

Kitchen remodels became a top priority in this scene, because in most residences it was necessary to adapt the spaces and optimize them to spend more time in them in a pleasant way.

Countertops are the best way to update your kitchen

What is the best material to update your kitchen Countertop?

Research shows that Quartz Countertops has been the most popular material to update the kitchen.

The Granite Countertops ranks second as a favorite stone for homeowners, as you know both materials are the most wanted.

Homeowners consider two main points to make their choice: appearance and durability.

Granite is often cited as the most durable natural countertop material available and is known for resisting cracks and chips.

Quartz countertops are resistant to stains, but if stains happen, you can remove them with glass cleaner and a non-abrasive sponge.

We need to remember granite is a natural stone that is mined from quarries, cut into slabs, and polished before installation.

On the other hand, Quartz it’s considered an engineered stone because the surface is manufactured using Quartz crystals that are combined with pigments and resin in composition.

The material replicates the appearance of real stone and is growing in popularity as a Countertop use.

Quartz and Granite are really beautiful and durability for kitchen surfaces.

Some people prefer the natural and look of Granite countertops others like the patterns and colors offered by Quartz Countertops.

But don’t forget, Quartz countertops are available in patterns that offer the look of marble at a lower price.

We invite you to think about these characteristics and decide which stones will be perfect to make your kitchen dream come true.


We are here to remember you that Granite and Quartz countertops should be installed by a professional, as they are extremely heavy and difficult to handle.

Prime Countertops is the best choice to help you update your kitchen and be in a more pleasant environment in your home.

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