Edge Options for Countertops

What edge would you like to go with your countertop?

That must have been the question you asked yourself, after buying your countertop.

In a kitchen design it is often the details that set it apart and choosing your countertop edge is especially important.

Granite Border

There so many options to suit all tastes and budgets!

Standard Edges

Standard edges can be either straight or curved and can increment your kitchen style.

A straight edge is perfect for a simple kitchen style, or if you have another prominent decorative piece in this space.

Straight edges are not sharp, the corners are slightly rounded to protect the stone from damages.

There are also a lot of options in curved edge. I want to tell you a little now about these options:

  • Flat Polish: Is a simple, clean, and classic edge profile;
  • Bevel: The beveled edge typically pairs nicely with a contemporary design;
  • Full Bullnose: There are two types of bullnose edges, the full and half bullnose, the full bullnose makes the edge appear thinner;
  • Half Bullnose: Also features a rounded edge, pairing with a traditional design. The half bullnose gives the edge a thicker appearance;
  • Quarter Round: With the quarter round edge, the top edge of the granite has a slight radius, making it more sophisticated.

Speciality Edges

I want to tell you a little now about speciality edges:

There is a wide variety of speciality edges that you may like.

I want to talk a little more about them for you now.

  • Double Quarter Round: The double quarter round edge features a pencil round edge on the top and bottom edge of the granite. It is a granite with a thinner look in comparison to a half bullnose or polish edge;
  • Double Bevel: The double bevel edge can also be customized with difference size angles and width, and then it is quite easy to personalize;
  • Mitred Drop Apron: A mitred edge is assembled from two pieces, and the edge size can be personalized;
  • Dupont: The Dupont edge has a convex radius. It is often referred to as an inverted Ogee edge;
  • Ogee: Is like Dupont, but in comparison, the Ogee has a concave radius;
  • Double Ogee: It is more sophisticated also featuring a concave radius (two of them), shallower than on the Ogee;
  • Triple Pencil Edge: Very tasteful, Triple Pencil Edge inspires more detail in the environment;
  • Rock Face or Chiseled Edge: This edge exposes the raw stone giving your countertop a more natural.

As you saw, many edge options are available to you, we are experts at fabricating and installing engineered stone, marble, and granite countertops.

Contact us and we help you select the countertop edge that best fits your kitchen and your personal style.

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